i fucked up

Estelle. 18. I like who I like, what you identify as or identify with doesn't bother me.

I'm in the midst of exploring my sense of self, my sexuality and the world around me in an attempt to settle my mind and feel like I have a purpose in this world.

Suffering from: depression, anorexia/EDNOS, social anxiety, self harm etc.

CW: 140 GW: 95 UGW: 85



- Strega means witch, and that theme is therefore the center of the fashion

- there are no other rules

- there are no established color schemes

- inspiration is taken from fairytales, folklore and myth, all things magical and witchy

- Inspiration is drawn from goth, boho, mori and whatever…

Ahhhhhh chest pains are back. Fuuck body why. Why do you hate me?


can we please destroy this idea that a person has to talk to you every minute of every day to like you

texting all day is not natural

force communication all hours of the day is not natural

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tired-snowflake asked: I have my own little tag now, aw that's so cute! AND I KNOW RIGHT WE COULD HAVE HAD FREE WEED >.> but Kay would not have been impressed

I feel like you should have one for me. Entitled ‘ESTELLE YOU FUCK’. Or ‘ESTELLE YOU LITTLE SHIT’. Or variations of them. I don’t mind. I know right? At least now I know I wasn’t the only one who was gonna say ‘Fuck yes’ to the free weed. I love Kay man, but at times she’s very over protective ya know?

I realise that my blog content has kinda done a 180 considering I normally post ask answers and depressing black/white shit. And I felt bad initially about reblog going different stuff.
But then I remembered. This is my personal blog. And I’ll post whatever the fuck I want to, be it related to depression or anorexia or fucking drugs and boobs. Damn what anyone else thinks.