Ramblings of a teenage weirdo

Estelle. 17. Pansexual. Suffering from: depression, anorexia/EDNOS, social anxiety, self harm etc. CW: 135 GW: 95 UGW: 85

Get to know me through musicals!!

  • Spring Awakening: Still a virgin?
  • Next to Normal: Biggest mistake?
  • Chicago: Ever been to jail?
  • Wicked: Best friend?
  • Once: Favorite music genre and song?
  • Pippin: Favorite show?
  • Rent: Sexual orientation?
  • Victor/Victoria: Gender?
  • The Addams Family: What relative are you closet too?
  • Aida: Single or taken? Or somewhere inbetween?
  • Bare: Ever been in love?
  • Hairspray: Biggest issue with society?
  • Into the Woods: Bravest Moment?
  • Last Five Years: Weirdest deja vu moment?
  • Les Mis: Saddest time in your life?


Bunny Sweater and Shorts Giveaway

I have these lying unused in my closet, so maybe someone will want them!

♡ Reblog or Like to enter. Multiple entries allowed, but no giveaway blogs. Must keep text to be a valid entry.

♡ Free International Shipping.

♡ If following I’ll include a few extra goodies. (A plush, a random wig.)

♡ Must be comfortable sharing your address with me.

♡ Ends May 10th.

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things i’m emotionally attached to

  • the one pair of jeans that fit perfectly
  • a specific pencil or pen
  • that really comfy sweater
  • super comfy underwear that makes your butt look good
  • drinking out of one specific mug

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I Must Confess in Threes

  • Blab: Three secrets I'm keeping.
  • Mwah: Three people I'd like to kiss.
  • Similar: Three members of the same sex I find attractive.
  • Different: Three members of the opposite sex I find attractive
  • Pastime: Three hobbies I have that I would be embarrassed to know someone discovered.
  • Doing: Three habits that I have.
  • Psst: Three things that I've always wanted to tell you.
  • Shh: Three things I wouldn't wan't my parents to know
  • Dream: Three wishes I have.
  • Want: Three things I would do to you if we were alone.